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Video: E-Prosounds – Circle

Cleansing the palate of those hip-hop fans over-saturated with mumble rap, E-Pro arrives with a track and visual that brings it back to basics. For “Circle” the New York emcee trades any lyrical trends for slower, methodical rhymes. Setting the tone for the record, the tranced instrumental prefaces E-Pro’s sedate prose, as he waxes poetic over the equally stripped down backdrop of dilapidated greenhouses and graffiti at an abandoned park.

Hailing from Rockland County, NY, he fell in love with the arts and music at an early age, listening to compilations of Dr. Dre, Naughty by Nature, and Digital Underground. His latest effort, Puzzle Textbook, follows self-produced projects The Divine Mind, in 2014 and 2015’s Evan Gang Evolution. In the music there are undeniable moments of transporting, catapulting the listener to the late 80s and early 90s. E-Pro’s nod to the old school won’t be lost on true rap aficionados, solidifying him as one artist to look out for.