Lil Boii Kantu
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New Album: Lil Boii Kantu – “514”

Murrieta, California-based recording artist Lil Boii Kantu shares his new, 18-track album, ‘514,’ in collaboration with new digital distribution start-up, Digital Currensy. Kantu has only been creating music in the Hip-Hop sphere for two years, he takes pride in his “trap rock” sound which stems from his days of playing guitar in metal bands.

He takes listeners on an audible journey through his mind and upbringing with this impressive, self-reflective body of work. Guest verses and production features include Kap G, Wax Motif, Crowley, AD, Manganelli, Jnanks, Coco Vango, Lil Crow, Ohtrapstar, Kid Buu, M.A. Da Pilot, DPatt, FAME, SuiGeneris and more.

Press play below.